Begin Your Addiction Recovery Journey at Luminous Care Centro De Alcohol Y De Detoxificación

Begin Your Addiction Recovery Journey at Luminous Care Centro De Alcohol Y De Detoxificación

Detoxification from alcohol and drugs is one of the first steps in conquering addiction. At Luminous Care, we monitor each of our clients as they start their recovery journey and get rid of the toxic substances from their bodies. Our Centro De Alcohol Y De Detoxificación provides a controlled and safe environment for detoxification to each individual. Since withdrawal symptoms from alcohol and drugs can be life-threatening, all the medical professionals at our center monitor the patients closely. According to their condition, they administer the medicines to ease their withdrawal symptoms.

Why is it Necessary to Start the Detoxification under Medical Supervision?

Trying detoxification at home or on your own is highly risky. Thus, it is always necessary to go through the recovery process under the expert supervision of a Centro De Alcohol Y De Detoxificación. They can help with:

  • If you are dependent on any prescription medicine, alcohol to function and feel normal, or an illicit drug
  • Mood swings while not using any substance
  • Cannot stop using alcohol or drugs
  • Physical withdrawal symptoms, even if you are not consuming any substance
  • Intense drug or alcohol cravings
  • Destructive behavior after consuming alcohol or drugs

How Do We Help At Our Centro De Alcohol Y De Detoxificación?

Luminous Care offers medically supervised detox treatment programs in a comfortable and safe environment. We help with a healthier recovery journey and create a new life for you. Our detox program includes:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Alcohol detox program
  • Dialectical Behavior therapy
  • Amphetamine detox program
  • Commitment and acceptance therapy
  • Heroin detox treatment
  • Group therapy and individual counseling
  • Bath salts detox program
  • Motivational therapy
  • Methadone detox treatment
  • Trauma therapy
  • Benzo detox program
  • Family therapy

We provide high-quality detox rehab treatment and rehabilitation programs for individuals. Besides these, most people select our center for their recovery from addiction due to:

  • Skilled medical supervision
  • Medication and science-based treatment plans
  • Customized detox treatments
  • Multi-faceted services and therapies
  • Complete support, comfort, and privacy
  • Latest technology rehab center

Thus, if your loved one or you are struggling with any addiction, Luminous Care Centro De Alcohol Y De Detoxificación is the name to remember. All our alcohol and drug detox programs will set you on the correct foot of sobriety, leading to long-term happiness and health.

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